Mobility Concepts

Effective and technologically sophisticated solutions in the field of vehicle and component development constitute our core business. Our expertise involves the fields of vehicle development, powertrain and chassis engineering in particular, as well as electronics, e-mobility and lightweight design.

The future of automotive has started

Almost no other industry moves us like the automotive industry. We deliver high-end engineering solutions for global OEM and New OEM. Our core competencies lie in Vehicle Development, Powertrain, Closures, Electrics/Electronics, E-Mobility and Lightweight Design. So that automotive visions can become reality.

  • Reliability and professionalism are the key factors for a sustainable customer orientation.
    — Hans-Joachim Laufenberg (Managing Director RLE MOBILITY)

Vehicle Development

Established partner to the international automotive industry

For 30 years now we have been providing a broad array of engineering services for clients along the entire value chain of vehicle development. Automotive specialists from various disciplines support our clients’ projects right on site, contributing substantially to the process of taking a vehicle from concept to assembly-line manufacture.

  • Body Structures
  • Interior, Exterior
  • Powertrain & Chassis
  • Design/Styling
  • Convertible Top Development
  • CAE & Vehicle Safety


Business Services & -Consulting provides clients a professional outside opinion from an industrial and interface expert, adding significant value through cost and process optimization affording clear gains in process and service quality.

  • Dealer Development Programs
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Performance Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • Health, Safety and Environment


The Product Development departments of the vehicle manufacturers will be expected to deliver a greater array of new products in shorter timescales without a commensurate increase in resources or expenditure. We understand that this is a substantial challenge!

RLE INTERNATIONAL is ideally placed to assist with its global offices located close to customer sites.  Each of our international operations brings a unique offering or competence to the RLE INTERNATIONAL service portfolio. Additionally, our digital processes and international IT network deliver a fully integrated solution to the needs of the global automotive industry.

We look forward to providing even higher levels of engineering excellence to our global customers as we all move forward in this dynamic automotive industry.