E/E Solutions

The ever closer networking of electronic components and the desire for ever greater safety and comfort are driving the automotive electronics market. The pursuit of environmentally friendly mobility supports this trend and will continue to drive the importance of electrics/electronics in the future.

Electronics redefine the mobility of the future

Autonomous mobility has long since ceased to be a distant vision of the future, but is already technically feasible thanks to increasing digital networking and automation. A fundamental change in our mobility system is imminent, which RLE is actively supporting and shaping. The mobility of the future will be redefined.

  • The rethinking of mobility and the digital transformation will significantly and rapidly change the vehicles of the future. Putting concepts into practice quickly is our strength!
    — Ralf Laufenberg (CEO)

Electric Vehicle

In recent years, the development of electric vehicles has suddenly become the focus of the automotive industry’s strategies. With a new understanding of mobility, new challenges have also arisen in vehicle construction, the mastering of which requires an enormous build-up of expertise and a great deal of innovative power. As a renowned development service provider, we are intensively involved with the new technologies of electromobility and support our customers with proven expertise and extensive practical experience.

  • Drive Simulation, Design and Integration
  • Range Calculation and Optimization
  • Intelligent Cooling and Heating Systems
  • Design and Simulation of High-Voltage Accumulators
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Construction of Prototype Vehicles and Components
  • Fleet Tests

Autonomous Driving

Modern vehicles are characterized by a particularly high level of comfort and safety. The systems are constantly and rapidly being improved and optimized. The recording, analysis and utilization of data from the environment play a central role. Sensors such as radar, lidar, camera and ultrasound are used here. In addition, data exchange with other road users is becoming increasingly important in order to enable vehicles to make autonomous decisions. For example, sensor technology in multi-storey car parks can already automatically navigate a vehicle to and from the parking space. RLE supports the latest developments in the areas of test driving and validation, test bench support, benchmarking, data enrichment and evaluation as well as the management of entire test vehicle fleets. RLE also works on sensor modelling projects and the development of algorithms for autonomous driving.

  • Benchmarking
  • Algorithm Development
  • Embedded System and Function Development
  • Application Support
  • Data Labeling
  • MiL, SiL, HiL, DiL Testing
  • Vehicle Setup & Preparation
  • Test drives
  • Test Area and Fleet Management

Vehicle Integration

Functional Safety

With the rapidly increasing complexity of modern vehicles and their systems such as radar, lidar, cameras, autonomous functions and V2x communication, possible malfunctions in vehicles are also increasing. ISO 26262 was introduced in 2011 to consider and reduce systematic and random errors in the safety-critical E/E components of a road vehicle. RLE supports the automotive industry in the implementation of functional safety towards an ISO-compliant introduction and implementation of the ISO26262 process. The activities include the management of functional safety as well as the necessary development activities. The 2nd edition of ISO26262 now also includes trucks, motorcycles and chip manufacturers. This places new demands on manufacturers in this area. We will be happy to show you what the introduction of the 2nd Edition means for you as a manufacturer or TIERx supplier.

Electrics & Electronics

It goes without saying that we support our customers in all classical disciplines of E/E development and this in all phases of the product development process. Starting with the first concept and architecture developments, through simulations and concrete design of prototypes to the series-ready development of vehicle electrics and electronics, we accompany our customers through all phases of the V-model.

Shared Services

All customer surveys indicate a clear interest of the global population in a more efficient use of our old and new transport facilities. We are making a concrete contribution to this new type of mobility by supporting applications and solutions for ecologically optimized transport options, such as the temporal optimization of the means of transport from train and car to a geographical destination or an optimized search for a parking space through the use of IoT in the Smartcity environment, from concept development to implementation. For this we also use our networking in the start-up scenes in Germany as well as internationally in London or in the Silicon Valley.

RLE FutureMotiv

RLE FutureMotiv Ltd. provides engineering services to support vehicle programs at all stages of development. We provide technical support for integrating electric, hybrid and fuel cell technologies.

• System Integration and Controls
• Power Electronics and Distribution
• HV Battery Intergration
• Motor Integration
• HiL Rigs, Test Rigs etc.
• Robust / Reliable Processes
• Quality accreditation


Innovative Engineering.



Automotive electronics has been one of the fastest growing areas of automotive development in recent years. The ever closer networking of electronic components and the desire for ever higher safety and ever greater comfort are driving