Vehicle Development at its best

We provide comprehensive services in the whole development spectrum on behalf of our customers. Projects range from individual orders in design, construction, and the development of complete modules, to the development of a complete functional vehicle.

We can assume project responsibility from the pre-programme phase until the product is ready for series production and beyond. Through continuous project management we support the development process with the aim of presenting our customers with the optimum solution.

Specialists in the individual areas work together in a closely woven and inter-departmental network, thus guaranteeing an effective development process.

Design / Styling

For most customers, a vehicle’s design is the most important selling point.


Body Structure

The Body Structure is the supporting sheet-metal structure in the vehicle


The closures are the mechanical interface between the exterior and interior.

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In this sector, RLE INTERNATIONAL ensures a homogeneous and high-quality appearance particularly through integrated tolerance management.

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In this field, the specialists at RLE INTERNATIONAL guarantee that components are designed in line with material and production requirements.

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Convertible Top

The high demands customers set on convertible cars like winter suitability and few packaging compromises as well as the international safety regulations are decisive for the development of modern convertible top systems.

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CAE Calculation & Simulation

CAE calculations are an essential part of development work and success factors for the early securing of functional vehicle requirements.

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Vehicle Safety

Guaranteeing occupant and pedestrian protection are important objectives of vehicle development.

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Vehicle Integration

As system competence is increasingly transferred to supplier companies, the integration of individual components into a perfectly functioning technical unit is of particular importance.

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Bionic & Lightweight Design

Composite Constructions and Structure Optimization – Innovations through Affordable Lightweight Construction

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Vehicle development processes:

  • Benchmark, Conceptual Design
  • Engineering/CAD Development
  • CAE-Simulation and Dimensional Management
  • Supplier-, Prototype- und Test ManagementVehicle Integration
  • Module Development
  • Project Management