Innovative vehicle transmissions: Bridges to the future

In future vehicle concepts, the efficient transfer of torque from the power source to the road needs to be managed and optimised. For our customers, we develop powertrain systems and components with a special focus on transmission technology.

We are active, when apparently contradictory requirements such as vehicle performance and dynamics, cost pressure and environmental compatibility have to be met for the purposes of our customers and vehicle buyers.

We consider the following to be the most important objectives:

  • Technical know-how and quality consciousness based on long years of experience in series development
  • Innovative detailed solutions and system concepts
  • Optimisation of components and assemblies with regard to efficiency, weight, function and modularity
  • Optimisation of design methods to increase development efficiency
  • Global concepts in production and cooperation


The gearbox permits the torque delivered by the engine to be adapted to the road conditions and driving states.

Drive Train

In the drive train, torque is transferred to the wheels in different ways depending on the drive concept. We develop the following assemblies for our customers.

Powertrain Integration

The term hybrid drive is used to describe the combination of combustion engine and E-machines in the drive train.

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The chassis not only includes the axle, steering and brake systems, but also other individual modules e.g. shock absorbers and driving-dynamics controllers.

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Chassis Optimisation

Due to many years of experience in development, testing and optimisation of complete chassis and components, we are able to realise concept developments and optimisation projects in an efficient way.

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Our services include:

  • Benchmark, concept development including patent research
  • Layout, CAD development and construction
  • Simulation (function, FEA, tolerances, processes)
  • System/vehicle integration, project management
  • Prototypes and test management
  • Production Equipment Design
  • Support in start of series production