Electrics / Electronics

For modern vehicle developments, electronics are a key factor and are becoming more and more important all the time. Comfort functions, ride control, safety systems, infotainment and adherence to stricter emission requirements are only possible today thanks to the use of modern electronics concepts.

As an engineering service provider with competence in all areas of vehicle engineering, RLE INTERNATIONAL qualifies for the development of top-quality and cost-optimised electronic solutions.

Our services include:

  • Concept / Requirements Analysis
  • Model Development
  • EE Architectures
  • Simulation
  • Hard- and Software Development
  • Prototype Construction
  • Integration
  • Diagnosis
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • SOP & series support

Concept / Requirements Analysis

Concept preparation and requirements analysis form the basis of electronic component development and systems. Specifications thus defined are the basis of product realisation.


Model Development

Model development is carried out during an early project phase and is used for the definition of interfaces and protocols among other things. The components drawn up by the development teams are integrated and added here.

EE Architectures

The EE Architectures of the individual vehicle sections have to be optimally matched in order to guarantee harmonised interaction between the units.

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Simulation is an efficient aid for implementing the product specification and guarantees optimum results even at the beginning of the entire developing process.

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Hard- & Software Development

Hardware and software development is the step from the model to the product This is where the simulation results are put into practice.

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Prototype Construction

The planning, preparation and production of prototypes according to specific customer requirements supplements the portfolio.

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For the integration of components / systems, a test environment is created that simulates the interfaces of the real vehicle.

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The monitoring of diagnosis functionality on module and system level in mutual component relationship is a decisive process step with regard to series production.

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Testing / Validation

Comprehensive component and system tests in accordance with our customers’ requirements and legal/safety-related specifications.

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Quality Assurance

Standardised quality assurance guarantees quality and reliability of technical products in development, production & service. It is one of the pre-conditions of successful project progress.

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SOP & series support

Highly qualified specialists take over project responsibility throughout the development process and provide support for SOP and series production, thus ensuring customers the optimal implementation of their requirements.

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