8.) Testing (SiL, MiL, HiL, Vehicle)

Extensive testing is necessary to guarantee functionality, safety and durability of the designed product. In order to avoid that deficiencies are discovered only at the end of the development and then lead to an unnecessary increase of costs, specific tests are run after each stage of development. Based on the V-Model, all stages of development – from modular software tests (SiL) to final vehicle tests – are carefully completed.

With our EV test rig we are able to test the most important functions of the car (acceleration, brakes, uphill and downhill drive, cornering ability etc) in a realistic way.

Test rig in an E-Lab

Our services include:

  • Test rig construction
  • Preparation of test plan
  • Running of:
  • Module tests
    • System tests
    • Integration tests
    • Vehicle tests