4.) Powertrain Control & Software Development

Today, software design constitutes a large part of the vehicle development process. The systems become more and more interconnected. In order to operate electric vehicles the use of sophisticated software is absolutely essential.

RLE has developed the Vehicle Operating System (VeOS) for Powertrain Control and control of all peripheral components. The focus was especially on the implementation of safety features and the communication of the individual components. Besides this all-in-one solution, RLE also offers the integration of individual components as well as the design of vehicle communication networks. Solutions for various Powertrain configurations and comfort functions – e. g. an electronic differential – are also already available.

Software fragment
Powertrain control electric sports car

Our services include:

  • Vehicle Operating System (VeOS)
  • Powertrain control software
  • Component integration
  • Hardware and software interfaces
  • Implementation of safety functions
  • Development of comfort functions