Providing avoidable warranty issues

Warranty issues – which cost the automotive industry billions annually – are a sign of deficiencies in manufacturing processes and methods. Roughly three quarters of avoidable warranty cases are caused by the manufacturers themselves; only one in four is the fault of dealers. We provide manufacturers with crucially important tools for eliminating the causes of avoidable warranty issues, focusing on both the activities of original equipment manufacturers and of dealer after-market elements such as service, parts and processes.

Some of our services and areas of expertise

  • Processing of warranty case evaluation by providing adequately trained employees to check incoming claims from dealers and to accept / refuse these accordingly.
  • If required, advice to dealers about refused warranty claims in order to avoid repeats of the same incorrect claims in future
  • Analysis and evaluation of warranty claims
  • Monitoring of warranty processes through internal warranty reviews by dealers: Determination of incorrect processes, evaluation of technical competence, monitoring of administrative ability and warranty claims procedures
  • Preliminary approval of repair measures for dealers with high warranty costs or selectively for expensive repairs or “new technologies”