Technical Documentation

Documentation is important throughout the entire product life cycle, from development to usage to final disposal. Product information must be available in a wide variety of data formats over the product life cycle, requiring a number of systems for reproduction in print or electronic form. The main challenge with technical documentation lies in preparing technical data on products and processes for every conceivable downstream application and user in a manner which is both technically accurate and target-group-oriented.

Descriptive documentation l Automated generation of accurate service schematics

Services and areas of expertise

  • Checking & evaluating existing documentation preparation processes.
  • Process optimisation & support in fulfilling market-specific after-sales requirements.
  • Technical support in the preparation of documents while complying with the set quality targets and realisation of cost reduction.
  • Innovative preparation method using state-of-the-art tools & software.
  • Definition and adaptation of system and tool interfaces.
  • Automated schema generation methods with Schematic Generator (SG).
  • Customer-specific service literature for development, after-sales, training and marketing:
    • Service, repairs & operating manuals
    • Maintenance & warranty manuals
    • Spare parts catalogues
    • Processing of legacy data
  • Conception and provision of high-grade literature for training purposes.
  • Web-portal solutions and hosting.
  • Print and CD/DVD media for publications.