Hazardous substance management (HSE)

Data and documents for products subject to hazmat-relevant processes have to meet a variety of special requirements in terms of their creation, release, tracking and management. International regulations play a role as well alongside company-internal processes, as these form the legal basis for handling of such products; our experts are highly knowledgeable regarding applicable laws.

Process execution l Workflow adaptation l Research

Services and areas of expertise

  • Identification, classification and labeling of substances
  • Classification, assessment of hazardous substances
  • Examination of the marketability of products
  • Examination of and solutions for delimitation issues in international marketing
  • Safety data sheets (preparations, monitoring, updating, plausibility checks)
  • Extended safety data sheets and calculation of exposure scenarios
  • Ingredients data sheets (preparation, monitoring, updating)
  • Product notification and product registration (e.g. REACH substances, C&L Inventory, biocides, cosmetics)
  • Consulting concerning packaging regulations
  • Classification of dangerous goods in transport (ADR)
  • Preparation of operating instructions
  • Hazard and risk assessment in accordance with health and safety law
  • Training in hazardous materials management
  • Product labeling (preparation, monitoring, updating, plausibility checks)
  • Preparation of label artwork:
    • Global & country-specific labelling requirements
    • Packaging, printing & marketing specifications
    • Corporate Design
    • Target group specific requirements
    • Ad-hoc solutions
  • Supplier coordination during the hazardous substances compliance process.
  • Examination & evaluation of existing communication and data collection processes
  • Worldwide provision of data and information (online catalogues, print media, data media)