RLE INTERNATIONAL produces top company quality for all those involved.

The RLE INTERNATIONAL Group’s Quality, Information Security, Environment and Energy Policy

The RLE INTERNATIONAL Group’s Quality, Information Security, Environment and Energy Policy (IMS Policy) is an integrated set of policies, processes and procedures which are internalised, practiced and implemented by all employees, partners and suppliers.

Our future quality of life and work depends on the mission, vision and values that we define today. They are what guides us in our decisions, help us to overcome crises and allow us to take advantage of opportunities.

RLE’s Code of Conduct is the basis for professional and forward-looking conduct and responsible relationships.

We are customer-focused, flexible with a sense of proportion, responsible with integrity, show respect to others and are committed to sustainability.

The RLE Code of Conduct and IMS Policy drive our future development and the continuous improvement of our management systems to ensure that we can fully satisfy requirements, that our employees are perceived as our most valuable asset , to improve our environmental performance by controlling and reducing environmental pollutants and to protect RLE’ INTERNATIONAL’s and entrusted information and values.

The Managing Boards of the RLE INTERNATIONAL Group are committed to:

  • surpassing customer requirements through innovative and creative thinking;
  • the continuous development and education of our personnel;
  • compliance with legal obligations and industry standards;
  • sustaining our natural environment so that future generations are able to meet their own needs;
  • the continuous optimisation of the quality, environment and energy management system;
  • the continuous improvement of products and services without compromising on quality, information security, environmental and energy-related performance;
  • ensuring that occupational health & safety and environmental safety are integral aspects of company policy.

The Managing Directors of the RLE INTERNATIONAL Group ensure that the IMS Policy is consistently geared to the corporate strategy and expectations, and that it takes identified environmental issues into account.

Customer orientation

RLE INTERNATIONAL is a service company that treats customers fairly, collaboratively and professionally. Customer satisfaction and excellent service are our number one priorities.

We are committed to protecting our customers’ interests by identifying their expectations promptly, and then reliably, competently and sustainably meeting them.

We achieve this by thinking ahead and acting in a forward-looking way.

Employee orientation

The RLE Group’s performance is dependent on the commitment of its employees, and our relationships at work are founded on mutual respect.

We have an open culture, and we encourage constructive thinking, creativity and innovation at all levels of our hierarchy.

Our managers perform a central role model function for our employees by encouraging honest and transparent communications, and by educating and training their teams in quality, service and environmental awareness.

All of our employees are actively involved in the continuous improvement of processes, services and environmental performance.

Service orientation

The RLE Group is an agile commercial organisation with business operations that are geared to the provision of services in an efficient, ecological and competitive way.

Our organisational structures and business processes are needs-based, target-group oriented and reflect our customers’ and partners’ wishes. We embrace socio-demographic change and technological advancement, and incorporate them in our business with the support of our employees.

We believe that a commitment to service is a commitment to the future.

Environment orientation

We assume responsibility for the environment by utilising our technological and service competence for the benefit of the environment and sustainability.

This is how we contribute to keeping the environment intact for future generations.

Our environmental footprint and our use of resources are permanently monitored, corrected and improved whenever necessary, and we promote the use of energy-efficient and eco-friendly products.

The RLE Group’s expertise is incorporated in its entire service portfolio to guarantee compliance with statutory requirements for occupational health & safety and environmental safety to customers and partners.

IMS Planning, principles and objectives

The RLE Group is accountable for its services, particularly in terms of their quality and environmental relevance. We are committed to acting responsibly now, rather than waiting until we are required to act by law.

This is why RLE has established an integrated management system that complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards and undergoes regular certification audits.

We obtain undertakings from our employees, suppliers and service partners that they will comply with statutory requirements, ethical principles and our IMS Policy.

The Managing Directors define the annual IMS objectives for their divisions on the basis of the Global IMS Policy and these objectives are selected with the objective of facilitating improvements.

The RLE Group’s main principles and objectives are:

  • We deliver the highest possible quality to our customers – All RLE employees aim to achieve perfection, avoid mistakes rather than having to correct them, and they deliver on time and in line with requirements.
  • We make an effort as individuals – Our employees are accountable for their actions and take the initiative. Each of us is responsible for and actively supports quality, health & safety and environmental protection.
  • We build trust through dialogue – We are an honest partner to our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, suppliers, the public authorities and public institutions, and we respond individually, specifically and appropriately to information which is provided to us and requests.
  • We strive to be an economically healthy organisation – We are a preferred partner to our customers, an attractive workplace for our employees and a company with a positive future for our shareholders.
  • We select our partners and suppliers in accordance with our IMS Policy – Companies that work for us are required to satisfy the same quality requirements that we do, to deliver on time and to comply with environmental and energy standards.

 RL Unterschrift

Cologne, June 2016

Ralf Laufenberg
Chairman of the Board of Management RLE INTERNATIONAL Group

Hans-Joachim Laufenberg (Chief Executive Officers – RLE Mobility)

Robert Rupa (Chief Executive Officers – RLE Engineering & Services)

Darren Gowland (Group Vice President International Operations)

Robert Kokx (President, The Americas)

Eduardo Ledden (Chief Operation Officer – RLE IBERIA)

Neil Cushing (Managing Director- RLE UK)

„We aim to achieve climate-neutral economic performance in the mid term. “