1985–2015: 30 Years Engineering Excellence.

For 30 years, RLE INTERNATIONAL has stood for innovative expertise in the core areas of engineering and design. Over the decades, the company has succeeded in constantly further expanding its fields of expertise and tapping into new business areas. Today, the company is represented around the world with more than 1,500 employees.

RLE INTERNATIONAL explicitly outlines corporate strategy for the international engineering market, centered around continuous enhancement of competency areas and to achieve steady gains in market share, based on a global oriented strategy


RLE INTERNATIONAL celebrates 30 years of Engineering Excellence. Worldwide.


New organizational structure implemented to focus on the global engineering market


Opening of the Engineering Center in Munich; service array expanded to provide services across all industries, RLE INVISION


Founding of the eze development center for renewable energies in Overath


Expansion of business operations in southern Germany, opening of a location in Sindelfingen; enhancements in shell construction competency

Global implementation of the Engineering Center Strategy

Market entry in Asia; RLE India pvt. founded

RLE RHEIN MAIN GmbH founded, RLE nova innovation platform established

New corporate headquarters opens in Overath

Rupa & Laufenberg merges with PLE Engineering to form the RLE INTERNATIONAL Group

Expansion of business operations and formation of subsidiaries in and outside Europe

Rupa & Laufenberg expands service array to offer body development and manufacturing engineering

PLE Engineering GmbH founded, specializing in engineering services and personnel leasing

Rupa & Laufenberg GmbH founded, specializing in engineering and design services