In times in which changes often come as a surprise, it is important for a company to be fully aware of its identity and the guidelines by which it acts. Particularly in times of transformation, it is important to ensure consistency and to provide a -stable bridge between us and our customers, partners and suppliers. The “RLE Code of Values” creates the joint basis for competent and future-oriented action as well as a responsible working relationship.

Customer Orientation

Thanks to the expertise of our employees, we work together with our customers along the entire development process chain at a constantly high level. This ensures a balanced and profitable partnershipbased relationship in which all the parties involved in the process can rely on the commitments made.


As a technology-oriented company, we constantly optimise our products and processes to ensure that we can respond proactively and flexibly to current customer needs and meet new global challenges. At the same time, we always act in line with latest state of the art in technical development and stand apart from our competitors by constantly further developing our organisation.


Those wishing to lead in a forward-looking way and plan carefully must be open to the needs of their -customers and staff. Trust forms the basis of our business relationships. We accordingly treat information with the due level of sensitivity and discretion. We involve and motivate our staff through transparent, prompt communication. This enables us to arrive at carefully made decisions, which can be understood by all those involved.


Through targeted training and further education, we encourage our staff to achieve outstanding performance and motivate them to accept responsibility for challenging assignments. Accordingly, they are motivated in their work, to which they adopt a professional and creative approach, and ensure the ongoing further development of our company.


We exploit our vast store of knowledge and our expertise to develop sustainable solutions. The objective is to minimise the consumption of natural resources. In doing so, we make an active contribution to everyone’s well-being.

Our common success is achieved by the will for outstanding performance.

Respect and recognition, create the environment for high motivation, and are the standards for our actions.